Prague coffee house tour
Prague coffee house tour

...  sweet secrets of Prague ...

The golden era of Prague coffee business came at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries when a visit to elegant coffee houses was one of the most popular leisure activity. In those days, with a cup of an excellent coffee in the fog of cigar smoke, you would have met the best writers, journalists, architects, artists, and intellectuals who engaged in passionate discussions about politics and art or calmly waited for the appearance of their Muse. Then, the style of Prague cafes boldly competed with Vienna and Paris, and its charm has survived to this day. 

During the excursion, you will look at cafes decorated in different architectural styles, dedicated to different epochs of cafes, hear interesting stories from the life of famous people who spent their time here, and of course taste delicious aromatic coffee, hot chocolate, fruit cocktails or delicate desserts.

Highlights of the excursion:

• Bourgeois cafes. The Czech presidents, politicians, and aristocrats drank coffee in them. The legendary Slavia, located opposite to the National Theater, the Cubic Grand Cafe Orient, the majestic Fantova Kavarna.

• Bohemian cafes. Here you could have met famous Czech writers, actors, and musicians. Cafe Louvre used to be a beloved place of Franz Kafka and his friends.

• Fashionable cafes. They differ in design and exceptional taste. Incomparable Cafe Cafe and Barock Cafe, located among the stylish mansions of Paris Street.

Duration: 4 hours


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