Create your own Marionette
Create your own Marionette

...secrets of the Prague marionette...

Sad Pierrot, proud Malvina and faithful Harlequin - these are the marionettes we were all familiar with since our childhood trips to the puppet theatre. The Czechs have famous characters of their own, most notably the brave soldier Svejk, Princess Libushe, the one-eyed leader of the Hussites Jan Zizka and the wooden Hurwynek. First marionettes (loutky) appeared in Czech Republic in the beginning of the XIX century. At that time their manufacture was a family business, the craft that was passed from the elder to the younger generations.

Tour description:

Private tour to the famous puppet workshop of Pavel Trukhlar where you can see a collection of unique majestic marionettes. Then you can choose one character out of 22 available and create your own marionette. The master will help you to complete and perfect your creation.

Tour includes: entrance tickets to a private collection of puppets; materials needed to create your one.

Duration: 4 hours

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