Royal Crystal
Royal Crystal

...secrets of the crystal glass...

Nowadays, Moser production is called “Royal Crystal”. Unique pieces, which have been created by the generations of experienced glassblowers decorate festive tables and luxurious interiors of famous people all around the world. After all, Moser combines the highest quality with refined taste. 

Discover a mysterious world of hand-made glass while visiting MOSER glassworks factory in Karlovy Vary. Here you will learn about the production techniques of the royal crystal glass and witness the virtuoso work of the masters. You will see how the cut-glass is being “enlivened” and turned into required shapes; you will plunge into the atmosphere of a 150-year history of the company at the museum. At the end of the excursion you will be able to buy magnificent cut-glass workpieces which are up to the world-class standards and famous for their beauty and incredible elegance.

Duration: 4 hours

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