Cesky Sternberg castle
Cesky Sternberg castle

Gothic Cesky Sternberg Castle is located only 60 km east of Prague on a steep hill above the Sazava River.
It is unique because it was owned by one family for almost eight centuries. The ancient Czech House of Sternberg built the castle, was passing it through generations and even nowadays the descendants of the House live within its walls. The halls of the palace are abundantly decorated and are of interest to all antiquity enthusiasts. The Knight Hall impresses, it is the biggest ceremonial hall which was built in 1500. The walls are decorated with the portraits of Thirty Years’ War generals. All the furniture in the hall is of Italian work and was made by Florentine masters in the 17th century; it is inlaid with marble and semi-precious stones. The hall is enlightened with huge crystal chandeliers.  The eastern part of the castle is distinguished by its enfilade of minor halls. Here you can see marvelous portraits, Louis XVI furniture and an extensive porcelain collection. In the library one can find ancient editions which narrate the history of the noble House of Sternberg. The halls keep a unique collection of Thirty Years’ War etchings, a collection of Dutch silver engravings of the 18th century and a collection of historical shooting and stabbing weapons of the 17th and the 18th centuries. In the Hunter Hall you can see wonderful trophies of the former owners – 167 scarecrows.

Total duration: ~ 5 hours.
Distance: 54 km from Prague, ~ 50-60 min. by car.

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