Movie: «The Notebook» inspired tour.
Movie: «The Notebook» inspired tour.

A love story that inspires… to risk, to love stronger, to feel more, to believe wholeheartedly in yourself and each other. Draw, play and treasure the joy of every little moment while you are there. Spend your weekend in the house of  dreams and become closer to each other…
Chateau Mcely the same as Noa’s house was born from an old dilapidated building in the middle of the forest... The current owner of the hotel fell in love with this magical chateau despite it being in ruins and bought it with a dream to rebuild it into a truly inspirational place. Now it is one of the most stunning and unique hotels in Czech countryside.

Rates: 800 euro per person sharing. Price valid till 15 December 2020

Four days stay in Chateau Mcely includes:
- 3 nights at Chateau Mcely 5* in the “Months of the year” room
- Round trip transfer from Prague by Mercedes E class
- Easel and paints (as an option: upon your request the base for your picture could be prepared in advance by our artist)
- Breakfast in the English park.
- Secret Welcome drink made with special life–enhancing herbs from the St. George Forest.
- Outdoor Jakuzzi Experience (1 hour - from 9.00 to 18.00).
- Evening in the Castle Observatory with hot chocolate and whisky

Additional services:
Would you like to feel yourself like a real movie star? Then go for an exclusive photo shoot! It could be a short one, just for couple of hours, or our photographer could make a day-long-story […you having a breakfast at the English Park, relaxing together near the pond, having a forest walk or a romantic bicycle ride, drawing an evening sunset, each other or something really abstract which only you two understand…].
The following morning ten pictures will be printed and delivered to your room with a bouquet of wild flowers.

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