Modern Sculpture Tour
Modern Sculpture Tour

… thanks to David Cerny...

David Cerny’s Entropa, a plastic display of EU countries displayed in Brussels January-June 2009, shocked, offended and/or amused much of Europe. Prague, however, is used to this provocative artist. In this tour we look at Prague’s modern free-to-view sculpture, before visiting the offending work of Entropa itself, which was moved from Brussels to Prague’s Modern Art Museum in July 2009. We will also visit the two peeing boys by the Kafka museum, the skyline statue of Lenin hanging with one hand precariously from a roof, the spooky avenging ghost that summons Don Giovanni.

On our way to see Entropa we drive to the funky suburb of Žižkov. In short a tour focusing on the notorious Czech irreverent sense of humour.

Duration: 3-4 hours

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