Kutna Gora
Kutna Gora

Around 60 km southeast of Prague there is a town called Kutna Gora. The main place of interest of the town is the Chapel of All Saints. The chapel interior is made of human remains. St. Barbara Cathedral is another attraction of the town. You can notice the unusual tent rooftop of the five-naval cathedral. The architecture varies a lot: baroque buildings neighbor the ones in gothic style. Moreover, the lush vegetation of the town adds romantic charm to the narrow streets, side lanes and towers.
The history of the town is connected with silver mining. Even back in the early medieval times the local silver mines were among the biggest in Europe. At the end of the 13th century Kutna Gora produced 1/3 of all sliver in Europe. The glory of Kutna Gora passed long ago but the town still keeps the quiet narrow medieval streets and several outstanding architectural monuments. This all makes the town so attractive to the tourists. During the tour you will see: All Saints Chapel, mint, St. Barbara Cathedral, gothic apartment house – patrician residence, Mother of God Church, St. Ursula Convent. 

Total duration: ~ 6 - 7 hours
Distance: 73 km away from Prague, ~1.15 - 1.30 h. by car.

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