Retro Car to Vysehrad
Retro Car to Vysehrad

...secrets of the Prague's past...

Prague is, without a doubt, a city for walking, but when you are tired of walking and you want to escape the crowds, here is a perfect solution for you. We will take a convertible retro car –  an original Skoda from the 1930s with the steering wheel on the right-hand side from the time when Czechoslovakia drove on the left – and drive out to Vyšehrad, passing through the Old and New Towns en route. Vyšehrad is a mystical place,  on a cliff above the river, and is the site where the pagan prophetess Libuše is said to have foreseen a city whose fame will touch the stars.
The area later became the residency of the Bohemian rulers for a short time in the Middle Ages, and a Gothic cathedral was built in the time of Charles IV - upgraded to a basilica minor by Pope John-Paul II. You will visit the fin-de-siecle cemetery where many famous Czechs, such as Dvořak, Smetana, and Karel Čapek, are buried, and see Myslbek’s Secession statues, which bring alive ancient Bohemian legends.

Duration: 3-4 hours

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