Alchymist Prague Castle suites 5*
Alchymist Prague Castle suites 5*

Alchymist Prague Castle is a charming historic mansion located on the walls of the Prague Castle, its foundation dates back to 1415. There are only 8 rooms in the mansion, each is absolutely special. There are also many lounges, several balconies with a stunning view, a Jacuzzi, a massage room, a gym and even a library.

This house has had many owners; but among many others, there are two extremely talented artists who lived in the house and left their trace here: a famous Baroque painter Peter Brandl and one of the most prominent representatives of the Czech Art Nouveau architecture Josef Fanta, who reconstructed the house in 1903. A well-known artist Alfons Mucha also once contributed to the decoration of the house.

The hotel is absolutely unique. It has a cosy and truly home-like atmosphere. Breakfasts and English tea parties served in the common room will bring you a little closer to the other guests of the hotel and give you the opportunity to feel at home.

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